Pickles Juice Recipes

Save the pickle juice and use it for:

Add 3-4 pealed hard boiled eggs and refrigerate for a few days and you'll have great pickled eggs!

Add the pickle juice to your potato salad for an extra kick.

If you like flavored toothpicks try soaking them in our juice.

I've been told that they make a great popsickle. (I haven't tried this myself)

Pickle Juice can be used to treat muscle cramps(take no more than 2 ounces)

Freeze the juice in a ice cube trey and place 3-5 cubes in your glass to make a terrific "Bloody Mary"

I've had a recommendation to try mixing the pepper juice to miracle whip or mayo for a tangy salad dressing.

Coarse chop the Jalapeno's and mix with cream cheese and eat on a wheat thin.

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Grandma Linda's Dill Pickles

This is Papa Hart's mothers recipe for a truly great tasting pickle! It does have some red pepper added to give a little warmth that blends well with the dill and garlic. (32 oz jars)

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A Sweet, Dill Pickle with an Attitude!

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Papa Hart's Pickles

Our "gourmet pickles" are sold by the quart jar: $11.00

or you may pay for 11 quarts and get 1 free!

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Katie Marie's Cowboy Candy

16 oz. Jars of candied Jalapeno's priced @ $9.00(Cowboy Candy)

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